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24 + 1 reasons to visit Veszprém

Discover Veszprém and its surroundings like you’ve never seen before!

1. Veszprém Zoo

Kittenberger Kálmán Plants and Wildlife Park is the country zoo in Hungary with the longest standing traditions. It can be reached from the downtown of Veszprém by a short walk. It gives home for 450 animals of 120 species. Most recent developments are found on the upper part, on the so called Gulya Hill, such as one of the most beautiful and largest African Savannah runs in this country where zebras, giraffes and the three member white rhinoceros family can be admired. Chimpanzee World, a unique complex in Europe, both in terms of design and topics, was built in the neighborhood of the Savannah run.
The Elephant House of the Zoo- opened in autumn- satisfies all the beaked ones needs. There is a rainfall set-up over the inner paddock of the House that sprinkles the animals with warm water. As the ‘blessing’ comes, they start running around while trumpeting to show how happy they are.

One of the children’s favourite places, the custom designed and built Kid Jungle and Terrarium, is also found in the Fejes Valley, where adventuresome little kids can climb and crawl as they wish, may try the Sloth Path, climb into the animal transport container, but they also may take a rest in the Parrot Club, or slide down on the covered slide from there. The playground is bordered by terrariums where visitors may have a look at the exotic reptiles across the glass walls.

By the project to introduce the marine life, the outer and inner pool happened to be filled so that the visitors can get to know the everyday lives of the penguins and seals.

The savannah playground, which is almost one hectare, has 25 different toys for children. You can get a glimpse of the special fauna of Africa and a complete African village awaits the visitors.

In the zoo you can find a park where young and old people can also find the right recreation for them! It is possible to try to excavate various excavations, to carve out dinosaur skeletons. There is an opportunity to take pictures with exhibited dinos.

Address: Veszprém, Kittenberger Kálmán Street 17, phone number: +36 88 566 140

The Zoo is 1,5 km (10 minutes) far from Hotel Historia Malomkert, by walk.

Veszprém Castle

2. Fire Lookout Tower

One of the symbols of the city, it’s basis dates back to the time of IV. Béla and was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1801.
With a height of 48 meters, it made it possible to constantly monitor the fire. The citizens also employed a permanent tower guard who had to take care of the city day and night. Between 1811 and 1817 it acquired it’s present form according to the plans of Henrik Tumbler. From the circular balcony of the Fire Tower there is a wonderful panorama of the city and its surroundings. The clock of the copf-style copper tower plays the verbunkos music of Antal Csermák every hour on the hour.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 9.

500 m walk from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

3. Heroes’ Gate

On the Heroes’ Gate, opened in 1939 and renovated in 2013, visitors can learn about the history of the building, heroes and events of Veszprém such as the revolution and the war of independence of 1848 and 1849, the World War I and II, and the revolution and war of independence of 1956.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 2, phone number: +36 88 610 516 or +36 88 788 191

Less than 500 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

4. Modern Art Gallery – Vass László Collection

This collection is the most significant art collection of the works of constructivist artists in Hungary. The works of art by Hungarian masters are completed with the sculptures, paintings, drawings and multiplied graphics by the greatest representatives of European abstract art under the title “Constructive concepts”. In the exhibition halls of the eclectic building complex you can see temporary exhibitions.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 17, phone number: +36 88 561 310

Less than 500 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

5. Csikász Gallery

The namesake, Imre Csikász was a short-lived, extremely talented, veszprém-born sculptor of the century. Some of his works are also preserved in the Laczkó Dezső Museum. The gallery organizes exhibitions of works by contemporary artists.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 17.

Less than 500 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

6. Holy Trinity Square – St. Michael’s Cathedral

With the flushing of Vár Street we reach the main square of the Castle, the imposing Holy Trinity Square. The square itself is the scene of ecclesiastical and secular celebrations, festivals, concerts and performances,and since 2004 the Veszprém Festival, now known as VeszprémFest, has been held here with renowned Hungarian and foreign artists. Here you will find the Veszprém Archbishop’s Palace, St. Michael’s Cathedral and the 41-meter-deep Castle Fountain.
In cooperation with the penitentiaries and the Laczkó Dezső museum, the veszprém prison was established in 2015.
In the basement of the Dubniczay Palace were placed the written, scratched, stenciled monogrammed special bricks. The exhibition shows the use of clay-based building material from Roman times to the present day.
Dungeon: According to the first records, the Veszprem dungeon existed as early as around 1600, but at that time it consisted of only one cell. One hundred years later, according to records from 1753, the dungeon had already expanded into at least three places for detention. By the time the castle of Veszprem ceased to be a border fortress in 1702, as a consequence of this a document from 1753 already names it as a county jail.
Prisoners were housed in narrow, musty locks of 2, 4, 8, 12 persons, where they spent 23 hours a day, isolating men, women and juveniles from each other. During the operation of the prison, there were several attempts to escape, some that were successful, some of which were realized in a film-like way, descending on the sheets tied together on the castle wall. But all fugitives, without exception, fell into hands in a short time.

Less than 1 km far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

7. Dubniczay Palace

The palace built in 1751 in the baroque style, the bunkhouse is named after it’s builder the canons of Dubniczay. Today it is still one of the most beautiful building in the castle district. The palace has been rebuilt several times throughout it’s history, so its present condition preserves traces of several periods of construction. Traces of a stable, a castle wall, a cannon bastion, a dungeon were found during the excavations, each room is painted differently. In this building can be found the László Károly Collection, the Castle Gallery and the Tugurium brick collection.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 29, phone number: +36 88 560 507

Approximately 500 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

8. Salesianum – Archdiocese Tourist Centre

The Salesianum, located on the main square of the Veszprém Castle, is a special and interactive museum. It is given home by the Biró-Giczey palace. The interactive ecclesiastical exhibition waits for the guests on four floors with several curiosities in ecclesiastical topics and also in secular ones. The museum introduces one of the most important spectacles of the Castle, the Biró- Giczey palace and the history of it. On the other hand it presents the spectacles of the Veszprém Diocese, the working of the bishopric and the treasures of the record office. The Salesianum offers programs for the children such as guided tours especially for children, detective games, fabled-playfully herb tour, candle making, and drama plays about saints. Next to the everyday programs the little ones can take part in artisan programs in connection with high religious holidays.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 31, phone number: +36 88 580 528

It is located 500 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

9. Gisella Chapel

The Gisele Chapel is the oldest building in Veszprém it was made around 1209 in Gothic style. The ever- storey chapel is located between the Castle District, the Archbishop’s palace and the Great Provost’s palace. The 13th century frescoes are the oldest in Hungary, keystone of the vault and figures of dragon decorated chapters are also unique. Although the original patron saint is unknown, above the gate was published in 1938 the following subtitles: Memoriae Beatae Giselae Sacrum, what is dedicated to the memory of Blessed Gisele.

Address: Veszprém, Vár Street 16, phone number: +36 88 426 088

Less than 500 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

10. The statues of Stephen I. and Gizella – Symbols of Veszprém

Blessed Gisele and St. Stephen’s king have a big tradition in Veszprém. There are several reasons of it. One of them is that Gisele established here the first bishopric. A statue was erected for their honour in 1938 and it was made by Joseph Ispanky in the north-west part of the Castle Hill. From the statue reveals there is a stunning view of the surrounding area. From here you can see clearly the viaduct, which was named after Saint Stephen and a church which was sanctified for the honour of St. Laszlo.

Less thak 1 km far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

11. Benedict Hill

On the Northern side of the Castle narrow paved stairs lead down to the Benedict Hill which used to be the burial place of our ancestors. On the top of these white rocks we can see the Cross, erected in 1904 and renovated in 2005.

Less than 1 km far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

12. Jutas Vitéz lookout tower and playground

The area around the Jutas Vitéz lookout point is a popular excursion destination for the people of Veszprém, in the afternoons many people go to the runway for sports and walk dogs, but this green area is also an excellent place to meet friends and it is just a few minutes from the city. Passers-by could already spot that someone had built a complete playground with swings and slides under the lookout area.

It is a 3 km far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

13. Cloisters and gardens at the foot of the Castle

The newest attraction in the heart of Veszprém, is the beautiful Séd Valley. Shady trees, old monuments from the Árpád Era, huge playgrounds, sinuous brook…simply attracts!

The Séd Valley, with several leisure activities is the real gem of Veszprém. It connects the Castle of Veszprém and the Zoo. The Hungarian Folk Tales and „Siege” playgrounds await the children. The valley also attracts a range of people for climbing, others prefer to mount their bike or pit roller skates. Embraced by shady trees and alleys we can find monuments from the Árpád Era such as the Margaret Ruins, the ruins of the Veszprém Valley Nunnery and the Jesuit Church. Besides the large-scale monuments there are parks, an ornament-lake and three new playgrounds.

The wonderful surroundings of the Monasteries and Gardens walking route can be reached less than a 2 km walk from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

14. Folk tales playground

You can find this great little playground in a wonderful environment in Veszprém Valley, surrounded by a lot of trees and bushes. It elaborates the theme of the poem beginning “Under the shore”…. Here we can find the animals, the furnace, the chariot, and the large watermill from the poem. There is everything you need for a self-indulgent game: two baby swings, two swings for the big ones, a nest swing, a small carousel, a big rope swing (this is the mosquito itself that binds the sheaves) and a large and also a small slide. But there are also several climbing cages, giant sandboxes and countless spring games.

It is 15 minutes from Hotel Historia Malomkert on foot.

15. Margaret ruins

The former church and monastery were built for Dominican nuns around 1240 by Bishop Bartholomew. The daughter of our king Béla IV., St. Margaret, was raised here for six years when she was a little girl. In addition to the small, single-nave church, you can also see the foundation walls of some additional buildings between the houses. The church, together with the monastery, fell victim to the Turkish conquest and fell into ruins. The ruins were excavated in 1938, today only the foundation walls and part of the church wall can be seen. Within the framework of the project “Monasteries and gardens at the base of the Veszprém Castle”, the ruins were reconstructed, and in front of it the Margaret Square was created which adorns a fountain, symbolizing the route of the Séd stream.

It is 1 km far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

16. Tethys Tunnel

The Tethys “Fishtunnel” was named after the renewed tunnel of the viaduct in downtown Veszprém. The illuminated space has been transformed into an aquarium: sea creatures just swim around you. The modern fresco also features the upper Triassic gravel-toothed pseudo-turtle, discovered 120 years ago this year by geologist and piarist teacher Dezső Laczkó, which is considered a symbolic animal of Veszprém. The tunnel is interesting not only as a special attraction, due to its excellent acoustics, it can serve as a venue for ruin concerts.

The tunnel is located between the Séd creek and Dew street. The trail opens from Kittenberger Street (the marker “Sintér Trench” shows the location), but it can also be reached from the parking lot behind the ABC store on Endrődi Sándor Street.

Coordinates: 47.09514555931602, 17.898685990777526

It is 650 m far from Hotel Historia Malomkert, approximately 10 minutes on foot.

17. Pine Mill

By visiting the mill, guests can get a detailed insight into their operation, the serious work involved and get acquainted with the entire grinding process, from the grain to the finished flour. The interactive nature of the mill history exhibition is that visitors can grasp and try the exhibited tools. Several hand mills were installed, on which those interested can have trouble of grinding and then take the ground wheat with them in a small flour bag. At the entrance visitors get a small map with the help of that they can playfully get acquainted with old devices. Children can sift, weigh themselves with quintals, sharpen a millstone and watch the process of assembling a waterwheel. In the renovated kitchen, in case of larger events it is possible to bake langallo / bread in the courtyard oven.

Address: Veszprém, Fenyves Street 65, tel.: +36 70 455 4134

Less than 1 km far from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

18. Hangvilla Multifunctional Community Space

Since November 2013, the building in the center of the city, now clad in a modern exterior, has been waiting for its visitors again. It is home to the Historia Hangvilla Restaurant, Café and Event Center, which is also the venue for many friends, family and company meetings, major events and conferences. For old and young people thirsty for culture are entertainded by the Pannon Castle Theatre by the Mendelsshon Chamber Orchestra. The Veszprém Program Office organizes cultural, musical and entertainment programs week by week to the delight of the residents of the city and visitors.

Address: Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2.

On foot 500 metres from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

19. Veszprém Petőfi Theatre

For those who want to relax in the evening and spend time with culture, we recommend one of the most prestigious theatres in the country, the Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém. In connection with the current show and ticket purchase, our reception will be happy to help you, feel free to contact us at +36 88 577 000 or at historia@hotelhistoria.hu.

Address: Veszprém, Óvári Ferenc u. 2.

On foot 300 metres from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

20. Laczkó Dezső Museum

It tells stories, lives from the past, present, future. The museum’s collection of 330,000 pieces covers the ethnography, archaeology, history, fine and applied arts and literary history of Veszprém and Veszprém counties.

Address: Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1., phone number: +36 88 421 088

On foot less than 1 km from Hotel Historia Malomkert.

21. Kolodko: the mini sculptures

Guerrilla sculptor Mihály Kolodko created three mini-sculptures for Veszprém. The miniature works can be found in tourist-frequented locations in Veszprém. The mini-sculptures can also be discovered individually using the free map available at the Tourinform Veszprém office. The meaning hidden behind the statues is made up of the history of Veszprém, its cultural diversity, tourism and, of course, the environment in which they are placed. These are site-specific works: the sculpture and the location together form a unit of content, and the choice of location is also part of the creative process.

22. Digital Knowledge Hub

Four of the most modern achievements of the XXI century characterizes the unusual educational institution of Veszprém: virtual reality, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.
Visitors can get an experience with a robotic arm or even try a laser cutter. With the 3D printer on display, visitors can also print a shopping cart coin and get to know Aibo, the robot dog. They can try artificial intelligence, for which they can write simple programs. They can also see the most modern type of sewing machine of our time, the so-called digital sewing machine, through which they can gain special experience in the world of modern devices and their use.

Address: Veszprém, Cserhát ltp. 8. Tel.: 06 30 514 5935

Hotel Historia Malomkert is 550 meters away.

23. Swimming pool Veszprém

The building of the swimming pool has four floors, on the ground floor, five pools have been created: a 50 m competition/swimming pool, a 25 m training pool, a 12.5 m training pool with a depth of 0.80 meters, a children’s pool with a depth of 0.5 meters and a 33-m2 Jacuzzi with a depth of 1 meter.
In addition to the pools, 8 tepidariums await those who want to relax. On the first floor, there is the 101-m2 sauna world: infrasauna, devil’s sauna, steam, two Finnish saunas, a plunge pool and the ice porridge maker are located here. Also, upstairs is the 61-m2 fitness room equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
The swimming pool is equipped with a grandstand with a capacity of 720 people. It has a 120-space parking lot.

Address: Veszprém, Külső-Kádártai út 1.

Hotel Historia Malomkert is a 10-minute drive away.

24. Veszprém Arena

The Veszprém Arena, opened in 2008, is not only famous for the handball team’s matches, as it has hosted numerous domestic and international productions on the main stage. Its multifunctional nature is demonstrated by the fact that the arena is transformed from one event to another, providing the right environment for the most diverse high-quality events. Among the sporting events, the appearance of the adult handball team stands out. If Veszprém is the capital of handball, then the Veszprém Arena is the citadel, where not only the performance of the team ensures the world standard, but also the fans of Veszprém are the best in terms of the number of visitors and the diverse program line-up, the Veszprém Arena is not only one of the main event centers of the area, but also of Transdanubia.

Address: Veszprém, Külső-Kádártai út 5.

Hotel Historia Malomkert is a 10-minute drive away.

Veszprém Gastro review

For those who like to try new flavors and love variety, in addition to the Malomkert Beer House belonging to our hotel, we also recommend the following restaurants:

Historia Hangvilla Restaurant, Café and Event Centre

The Historia Hangvilla Restaurant, Café and Event Center, opened in 2013 in the downtown of Veszprém, awaits its guests with a diverse, weekly daily menu, and on Saturdays with an evening of music and dance. Thanks to our child-friendly services, we can provide relaxation for the whole family; with us, the little ones are also awaited by a play area, a high chair, an animator and children’s discounts.
The facilities of the venue are perfect for business, family and other events up to 450 people. Based on a personalized offer, it is possible to compile a unique menu offer, rent a room, organize a conference, training, gala dinner, press conference, standing reception, wedding or relocation. Upon request, we can also provide all the necessary tools: sound system, projector, and projection screen, wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi connection) is available.


Malomkert Beerhouse

Homemade flavors, craft beers made according to our own recipes, a spectacle brewery, an unusual environment, all this in the Malomkert Beerhouse. In summer, the terrace lined with lavender, in winter the warmth of the fireplace provides the atmosphere, and the specialties of our kitchen and brewery only contribute as an added bonus.



+ 1 reason to choose Veszprém

If the previous 24 reasons were not convincing in themselves, as a bonus we present to you Hotel Historia**** & Historante.

Our hotel is four stars, the only one in the downtown of Veszprém. The main attractions, the Zoo and the Old Town Square are at your fingertips. Despite being in downtown, our street will be quiet by the evening – it will become a good companion for relaxation.

We thought of several things: to better adapt to your needs, we designed different room types. The old house greatly helped our endeavors: its varied interior allowed for a varied design. It is worth running through the list: our beamed rooms, which bear the names of the greats of Veszprém, our romantic wallpaper rooms, our large family rooms and our pride, the Cholnoky suite.

Our wellness sections

We have good news: our rooms are accompanied by relaxation. We wanted our tired guests to leave refreshed. We built our wellness area and loaded it with all the earthly goodies: a sitting pool with a neck shower, a Finnish sauna, a steam cabin, a cooling ice fountain.
We hid the winter half of our relaxation terrace under a glass roof and the summer half in our inner courtyard. In addition, because the castle is close by, while the body rests on the lounger, the eye can wonder: on the horizon, the Fire Tower lays. Moreover, if time permits, make your relaxation complete: we have prepared chocolate, lava stone, vino therapy, and classic Swedish massages.

We hope we have convinced you that it is worth visiting us; we are waiting for your booking!

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