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About us

About us

About the Historia Group

It all started in 2010… We opened the four-star Hotel Historia and its Historante restaurant. In the following years, we have gained further strength: the Hotel Historia Malomkert opened its doors in the Séd Valley to welcome guests with unique rooms and a beer house. And after another two years, the Historia Hangvilla with a restaurant and café has been unveiled.

Opening three venues has been a lot of work – but we’re not tired of it. There are always new plans: most recently, we expanded the Malomkert hotel wing.

And our approach hasn’t changed a bit over the years: we’ve rescued once grand but now dilapidated buildings and transformed them to meet the demands of 21st century hospitality.

We strive to preserve the past for the guests of the future.

Every table is set with chic tablecloths and gleaming cutlery. Our kitchen smells heavenly, we cooked really delicious food. Our home brews are chilled, curling into cool pearls on the walls of their jars. In the halls we’ve arranged the chairs in orderly rows, ready for weddings, receptions, graduations! Our rooms are shining, we’ve dusted off the house and put on fresh linen. We’ve filled our pools with sky-blue water, we’ve combed the lawns of our gardens thread by thread. We dressed ourselves in fine clothes and we collected smiles by the dozens.

Come to Veszprém – for a night out, a dinner, a conference, with friends, family or colleagues… whatever you have to do in our city centre, we are ready to welcome you.

Balázs Szücs

Our history

I am the ancient element, the active power, the Water. I am an ever-moving and changing energy. I have already fed thousands of people when you were not on the Earth, waiting for the future. I have been working incessantly, rolling my sails, grounding the grains – providing flour for bread to avoid poverty. I am the vital Water. I am going to be here 100 years later. Read my story and visit me, let me remember you when only I will be alive.

My story is pretty old. I have been mentioned even in the 11th century. I could be here or a few steps away – I don’t remember exactly, but that mill was still me.

Many long centuries have gone until 1765, when my dear host, count Ferenc Nádasdy acting with extreme generosity, offered one part of the income produced by me to the city. I remember the stream Séd running tortuous in the valley those times.

Later I had a new host, Görgy Tumler and his son, Henrik, who treated me well to be able to do my best grinding the seeds. In 1830 I have become the property of the family Kopácsy for a short period and after I served the miller József Fojt. The miller was a good host: I proud myself on having 6 meters huge millwheels with 66 boards – bending 3 millstones.

I have been owned by the brother of my host from 1909, who treated me very well: he changed my millwheels to water turbine and I received plansifter and rolling mill. My thatched roof has been replaced by wood shingles.

I served Gyula Friedler from the year of 1925. I was always full of carters, miller’s assitants and chief servants. Though I got tile roof, I was wounded by the second world war. It made me decrepit but could not destroy me – I had the chance to grind the seeds in 1945 again!

Hard times began after 6 years. The government collected me and gave a judgement: I had to stop working! I had a bad condition and became gutted.

I have been saved of fate in 2011. I work now again with a wonderful new look.

Since I am the vital ancient element, the Water. I live with my eternal friend, the grain. We are brewing. Visit me and taste it!

About the Hotel

2012 is the year of opening a new Hotel in Veszprém: Hotel Historia Malomkert. It is not only new, but sorrounded by a picturesque landscape, the brook Séd, green areas and the castle from above it is a really unique Hotel as well. In a quiet corner of the city alongside a cycle path that rides to the Zoo, crossing the ancient Margit-ruins.

In 2022, a new era in the life of our hotel began again with the addition of 17 new rooms. It was a really exciting expansion: instead of packing the rooms in uniform, each one was individually designed. And the atmospheres of the rooms were inspired by the region, giving rise to rooms with names like Balaton, Bakony or Theatre.

Many of the new rooms boast a unique geometry, but what they all have in common is that they all have unique wallpapers and lights, individually assembled furniture, in short, they avait their guests with a unique atmosphere.

The new wing has been designed not only to offer modern, four-star facilities in every room, but also to cater for guests looking for exclusivity: the new wing includes a large room with a view of the castle and the Séd stream, and a view unrivalled by any other accommodation in the city.

We hope that returning guests will find each room as refreshing to get to know as it was for us to invent it.

Since the building was a monument, it had to be renovated carefully: The rooms and the restaurant are connected by one area, water is running under the glass-inlaid floor that looks like a slowrunning stream. Several interesting built-in areas make the Hotel very much worth a visit.

Capacity: 68 person

Number of rooms: 28 (1 diabled)
15 standard rooms – for 2 adults and maximum 1 child (3 years old)
Room size: 20-25 m2, beds: 2*90*200

7 superior rooms – for 2 adults and maximum 1 child (3 years old)
Room size: 20-25 m2, beds: 2*90*200

2 családi szoba – for maximum 4 adults
Room size: 25-30 m2, beds: 2*90*200

4 suites – for maximum 4 adults
Room size: 25-30 m2, beds: 2*90*200

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